Show Review: You Blew It, Tiny Moving Parts, Sorority Noise, Rozwell Kid

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February 19th at The Barbary in Philadelphia, PA: You Blew It, Tiny Moving Parts, Sorority Noise, and Rozwell Kid

Review by Shana Davidson

Have you ever listened to a band that completely brings you back to the music of ten years ago, but with a new age spin on it? Rozwell Kid does just that. Before even playing a single note all the way until they finished their set, the entire essence of the band just screams a new age Weezer. Their entire set just brought me back to listening to Weezer’s The Blue Album. The huge difference between the two is that Rozwell Kid brings more of an edge to the power pop ballads that Weezer put out almost a decade ago. You can easily enjoy the danceable hits of Rozwell Kids, but the lyrics still bring a completely new perspective to the band. The crowd seemed to really come together as soon as they started playing “Halloween 3.5”. It makes you want to dance while also hitting that certain spot in your heart.

Sorority Noise enters the stage and the crowd immediately pushes up. They start to play and the crowd goes absolutely crazy. Sorority Noise has a new age emo sound, and with every note they play and every verse sung, you can hear the sadness float through the room. The kids push and pull at each other screaming the lyrics back at the band. Even though The Barbary is a smaller venue, it never stops the crowd surfers from trying to inch their way onto the stage. They end their set with “Dirty Ickes”, the most intense song of their set, and it received the most crowd interaction. After they leave the stage, almost half of the audience flees the room to go elsewhere, leaving a nearly sold out room with a sparse crowd.

The room didn’t take long to fill back up, however, once Tiny Moving Parts graced the stage. This Minnesota emo trio absolutely captivates the audience with their unique and powerful lyrics. They don’t necessarily get the crowd moving in a physical sense, but that doesn’t stop them from moving the crowd in an emotional sense. “Dakota”, one of their more meaningful songs to me on a personal level but it was also a real crowd pleaser. The entire crowd joined together in unison and sang right along with Tiny Moving Parts.

You Blew It’s performance didn’t fall short of actually blowing the crowd away. From Rozwell Kids’ Weezer-esque attitude, to Sorority Noise’s emo sound, to the emotional experience of Tiny Moving Parts, You Blew It ended the show perfectly. They brought all of those bands into sync with the emotional touch of their lyrics and the ability of the crowd to move around to the majority of their songs. From the second they came onto the stage to the last note of “Better to Best”, the crowd was one hundred percent pleased. “Better to Best” was a crowd favorite and the kids went absolutely insane. The song isn’t one of their more upbeat tunes, but you can just feel the connection You Blew It made with the entire crowd.

If anyone ever has the chance to check out any of these bands either together or on another tour, you must do so. You will not be disappointed.

Last modified: February 26, 2015